Friday, June 24, 2011

Meet the families

Alright well I have shared a little bit about one of my families but I think I should show you the other one I know about too.

The Domhardts

The pictures below are of my first host family in Rotenburg. There is the house I live in and my host brother and sister. Mortiz is my 18 year old host brother that likes to study languages including Spanish and English. He went on exchange two years ago to Chile. I am told that he also likes sports. Lea is 15 and likes french and Spanish. Lea plays piano and dances. Right after i get there she is going on exchange to Argentina! Frank (my host father) "likes music very much, he has studied violin but also likes jazz and so on.He loves to work in his garden, sitting at the pond and watching what`s on."  He teaches music and biology My host mother Martina  teaches German and religion at the high school I will be going to. For more information on the school go to

The Holstens
The second host family I will be staying with is the Holstens. They have two sons, Jannis and Malte. Malte is 20 years old and Jannis is 16 years. Jannis is an exchange student in
Minnesota near St.Paul/Minneapolis since last August and will come home at the end of July. I have skyped whith Jannis a few times and I am already happy to know him. they live in Waffensen, a little village with 900 people, near Rotenburg. My host mother told me, "Waffensen is a beautiful place which won a price called "Unser Dorf hat Zukunft". That means "Our village is the future". In January 2011 we drove with over hundred people to Berlin (capital of Germany) receiving our price. Only 8 villages from Germany earned this honor."
It sounds like a really special place to me and I feel lucky to live there.

Above are some pictures of their family.

 Kirsten is my host mother and Andreas is my host father.

I can not wait to get there. Bis Später!

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