Sunday, June 5, 2011

California's summer

Almost every day I have been checking the weather in both Rotenburg and Santa Rosa (northern California) and it seems like they should be switched!. If I were to look out my window right now (which I wont because it is to depressing) I would see that it is pouring down rain! But if I look at this web cam I can see that it is nice, sunny and warm in Germany. Seems a little ridiculous right? Weill I am sure looking forward to the sun in California to bad it will probably come out right before I leave. 65 days and counting....

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  1. Hey Shannon, I am so excited that you've started a blog! Such a great idea. That house you showed us in your first post is very typical for that region when it comes to more modern houses. That red brick is called Klinker. - I've become your 6th follower and I will make sure to be here as often as possible. Weiter so!!