Monday, June 13, 2011

A little out of the ordinary

Right now most 16 year old in my town are either at the beach or hanging out with friends or many other fun things... I on the other hand am not. I am taking a break from doing homework :). Today was my first day at the JC and it really wasn't bad because I got out early. In the mornings I am taking German and in the afternoon I take English so that I can graduate on time. My English teacher scares me! She said it was going to be on of the hardest classes that we have taken at the JC especially because it is only a six week course. I am worried I wont have any time to work on my German and when I get there I wont know anything. Goodbye folks! Now I have to go read a bunch of stuff on writing and I'm going to love it because I know it will all be worth it in 57 days. By the way thank you so much to every ones support it is making my life way less stressful.

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  1. Shannon, I wasn't aware that you have to take extra classes in order to graduate from high school when you come back. Do the schools here think that you might not learn enough in Germany? I admire your discipline - and I hope the English class is not quite as hard as you think now.