Monday, August 29, 2011


Today I have now officially been here for 20 days and it has been great. The last two weeks I have had school and my host sister left for Argentina.

Today I am supposed to make a poster about myself to hang up in school. It will be interesting to see the other kids reactions after it goes up.
On Friday I am going to Italy for a week with my host parents. The are both teachers so I am going on their class trip with their students. The weather here is a little crazy 80 one day and 40 the next but if it rains it usually doesn't rain all day. I ride my bike to and from school and around town and my legs aren't really used it it yet.
The biggest difference I think I see so far in my family is their eating patterns. Mornings are the same but lunch and dinner are different. Lunch is usually around 2 in the afternoon and is as big or bigger than dinner in the U.S. Dinner is small, some bread and cheese and a little meat later in the afternoon. I love it this way.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Over the hill and through the woods...

I have arrived!
 After a long day or two of traveling I am finally in Rotenburg Germany.
Everything is so green and beautiful, I love it here. Yesterday I went to Bremen with my host sister Lea. We went shopping and say some of the tourist things like the Bremen town musicians.
Right now it rains all the time but I really don't mind. Lea leaves this Thursday for Argentina and I start school Wednesday. I am trying to keep busy and it's working!
As far as my German goes.... it's not as great as I would have liked. My family is extremely helpful and quizzes me all the time. It is almost like a game. I can understand what others say more than I can speak things back but I am learning how to say things I say often. for example, I'm full and me too.
That is all of my news for now. Check back soon!
From Germany, have a great day today :)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Before I fly I'll say goobye

Yeah that's right! It is now 3 days before I leave and I could not be more excited. Last weekend some of my friends threw me a going away party that was really fun! They are great friends and I know that they will be here when I get back.
I am almost done packing! There are only a few more things that need to be tucked away before I am ready to go. I am taking one check in luggage, one carry on and a backpack. When I look at whats in there is all I need and then some.
Yesterday I purchased a new camera. Samsung wb210! It is fantastic with its touchscreen and all. I can't wait to capture all the fantastic moments I have this next week and year.
This is my last post before I leave this beautiful place in California. Here are some pictures I took in my backyard yesterday with my new camera.

Again, thank you so much Rotary for everything you have done to make this possible, I wont let you down.