Sunday, August 14, 2011

Over the hill and through the woods...

I have arrived!
 After a long day or two of traveling I am finally in Rotenburg Germany.
Everything is so green and beautiful, I love it here. Yesterday I went to Bremen with my host sister Lea. We went shopping and say some of the tourist things like the Bremen town musicians.
Right now it rains all the time but I really don't mind. Lea leaves this Thursday for Argentina and I start school Wednesday. I am trying to keep busy and it's working!
As far as my German goes.... it's not as great as I would have liked. My family is extremely helpful and quizzes me all the time. It is almost like a game. I can understand what others say more than I can speak things back but I am learning how to say things I say often. for example, I'm full and me too.
That is all of my news for now. Check back soon!
From Germany, have a great day today :)

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  1. Willkommen in Deutschland, Shannon!
    I'm glad that you arrived safely and that you like it so far. I look forward to your next posts and see how your adventure in Germany unwinds. All the best - bis bald!