Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New post!

A lot has been going on recently but I'm going to stick to the theme of putting up a picture and telling you about it because that seems like the bast way to share what is going on with my life :)
I had the privilege of going to visit someone I met in California. Her name is Greta and she came to my Sweet Sixteen last year. we met up in Bremen and just had a really good time.

The Kooks! Well that was pretty much the coolest thing I have been too. A few other exchange students and I went to a Kooks concert. We seemed to push our way up to the front for one of the best views possible. :) Ohh yeah and I did take the picture myself.

Deustchland Reise!

Ahh man. What a great week that was. A bunch of kids from all over the world running around Germany for a week. We got to see some pretty amazing things too. Buchenwald, Wiemar, and lots of Berlin.

I took the picture on the left while we were in Buchenwald, a Concentration camp. If you can't see there are silver poles scattered in between the trees representing more than one person that died there. This forest looked like it went on forever and ever too me and I kept seeing more and more poles. I was with one other exchange student that took it just as seriously as I did so the mood wasn't the happies. We must have stayed here looking at the trees and poles for what seemed like hours untill we really couldnt take it any more.  

Well this is me out infront of the Germany Parlement. We got a tour and got a quick history lesson about the building. There was suprizingly a lot of security, to get in you had to have your passport and go through a screening like at the airport. It was interesting and I would recoment others to go there too.

Die Auto Statt
Thats pretty much all I can say with out exploding. It is a really cool place to go and see cool old and new cars but you need atleast a half of a day adn we only had a few hours.

Well after atempting for 2 days to get into The Hard Rock Cafe Berlin we finally did it! Guess what I ate? Yes a California Burger, and yes it was exactly like it should be! It was just the 4 American girls having a great time off on their own adventure. The atmospher was great and so were our moods.
So I think thats all for now :)
To everyone in California, have a wonderfull Thanksgiving, and again thank you and I love you :)

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